Renato Casa collections

Explore compositions, click on the rooms with your preferred look, and be inspired to create your personal home.


A selection of kitchens designed for you. Kitchen as a special place, a corner of creativity that everyone interprets with their own style.

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Storage units and open compositions for different tastes and contexts. Elements capable of distinctly characterizing the space where they are placed.

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We are looking for the most suitable solution for you, to enhance every detail of the living room to enjoy the luxury of relaxation.

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Beds, storage units, walk-in wardrobes. Renato Casa offers everything you need for a new culture of rest.

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Washbasins, mirrors and uniquely designed storage units bring sophistication to the bathroom, making it a special place for relaxing body and mind.

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Home Lighting

Create the right light for your personal space, combining simplicity and creativity with functionality.

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Lighting Tech

Contemporary light design, cutting-edge technology and extremely geometric shapes characterize our Lighting Tech selection.

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